Lion Sands Game Reserve - 161904

Lion Sands Game Reserve is situated in the Southern portion of the 65,000-ha Sabi Sand Game Reserve, an area well known for its spectacular game viewing.

It has exclusive access to the Sabie River. The source of the River includes the famous Mac Mac falls flowing from its source high up in the Drakensburg mountain range. This River is central to why Lion Sands delivers an incomparable safari experience in Africa.

Where there is water there is life, coolness, sanctuary from the heat of the African sun, a place where the wildlife travel great distances to quench their thirsts, rejuvenation and so much more. This is the natural wonder which can be experienced at Lion Sands.

Another key aspect to the Lion Sands experience lies within its Safari. The philosophy of the safari experience at Lion Sands is to deliver a consistently professional, informative & holistic safari experience, ensuring that all spheres of the eco-system, from the small insects to the mighty African elephant, are covered in as much detail as the Guest may require.

Characteristic Species in Lion Sands include lion, elephant, white rhino, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, Wild Dog giraffe, zebra, hyena, waterbuck, hippopotamus, crocodile, wildebeest, kudu and many other mammal & bird species.

Lodges inside the Lion Sands Game Reserve:
River Lodge - Lion Sands Game Reserve
Ivory Lodge - Lion Sands Game Reserve
Tinga Lodge - Lion Sands Game Reserve
- Narina Lodge - Lion Sands Game Reserve

The Lion Sands Wedding Package:
- Lion Sands River Lodge: 18 rooms for 38 guests
- Lion Sands Narina Lodge: 9 suites for 18 guests
- Lion Sands Tinga Lodge: 9 Suites for 18 guests and 1 Two bedroom Villa for 22 guests
- Lion Sands Ivory Lodge: 8 Villas and 1 Two Bedroom Villa for 20 guests

South African Honeymoon Destination:
The business of romance is something we take seriously. We understand that the key elements when on honeymoon include privacy & exclusivity, luxurious comfort, relaxation, good food, incredible photographic opportunities, and being utterly pampered.

We check all of these boxes, and then some.

The choice of Lodge at Lion Sands is dependent on your personal taste. If you prefer the company of others in a larger environment, then River Lodge is for you.

If you enjoy utter exclusivity with the privacy of your own Villa with deck, lounge and pool, then we recommend Ivory Lodge.

Both Tinga Lodge and Narina Lodge afford exclusive accommodations, with private plunge pools and decks overlooking the Sabie River in the Kruger National Park. The styles of the lodges differ. Narinas signature feature is its positioning within the trees, while Tinga is bolder in tone and dcor.

Our special treat to honeymooners
- A romantic turn down
- A surprise gift
- A bottle of sparkling wine

You would be challenged to find a more romantic experience than one of our luxury Treehouses.

Spend the night under the stars, on your own in the middle of the bush. Enjoy a delicious picnic basket of Tapas-style cuisine, and sip on a glass of good South African wine as you recline together under a blanket beneath the Milky Way. You will run out of wishes before you run out of Shooting Stars.

Each of the Treehouses is unique. Chalkley Treehouse and Kingston Treehouse are in the Lion Sands, Sabi Sand Reserve. The Tinyeleti Treehouse is in the Lion Sands, Kruger National Park.

Game drives:
Game drives, in open safari vehicles, head out each day at sunrise and again in the late afternoon. Lion Sands natural animal population includes the Big Five, and the reserve is especially renowned for the quality of its leopard viewing the most elusive of predators. With exclusive traversing rights on both Lion Sands Sabi Sand and Kruger Park sections, guests are assured a truly intimate safari experience. A maximum of 16 vehicles are allowed out on the reserve at any one time, and the number per sighting is also limited. This ensures the animals feel at ease and guests are able to spend more time with them, observing their natural behavior.

These are our after-breakfast walks on the wild side. Guests are immersed in the bush, rather than just observing it. All five senses are engaged, as they feel scrub crunch beneath their feet, touch the velvety acacia seed pod, hear the crack of a branch indicating they are not alone, and spot big game at eye level exhilarating! Our expert guides will tailor walks to each of our guests area/s of interest, focusing on mammals, birds, insects, plants, geology, etc.

- Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on guests fitness levels
- Children under 16 years are not permitted on the bush walks
- Guests over 60 years must present a medical certificate of good health
- Guests should wear: neutral-colored clothing; comfortable walking shoes; a hat; sunglasses; and sunscreen
- Guests should bring along: a lightweight dry mac jacket; camera/smartphone; and binoculars

Access to Lion Sands Game Reserve:
The driving time from Johannesburg to Ivory Lodge and River Lodge is approximately 5 hours. Should you choose to drive, we recommend staying over a night at any of the mountain or country lodges along the Panorama Route to ensure you arrive at us fresh the next morning and ready for a spectacular safari experience.

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