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The art and craft outlets and traditional markets of Swaziland are undoubtedly one of the Kingdom's greatest attractions.

Whether wanting a souvenir of an African holiday, a key decorative feature for a living room or office or maybe a special present for a love one back home, hours can be spent in the grip of Swaziland's handcraft industry.

Visitors to the kingdom of Swaziland will be delighted by the wide range of quality craftwork sold in specialists stores and roadside markets throughout the Country.

A thriving handicrafts industry combines the best of traditional design and modern techniques and a stop at a roadside market will yield both a bargain and the opportunity of meeting the Swazi people.

Wooden sculpture, painstaking soapstone carvings, glassware, mohair, tapestries, imaginative pottery, and silk-screened batik's and clothing present an array of colours, textures and designs to tempt every pocket.

The truly traditional Swazi craft is grass weaving. Mats in all sizes and baskets, for every use are produced. One type of basket work is so closely woven it will store liquids, the basket itself absorbing some of the fluid and keeping the contents cool by evaporation

Artists and craftsmen are found in every corner of the country.

The road through Ezulwini (near Royal Swazi Spa) has, however, become the center of the Swazi craft industry with numerous outlets and small markets on either side of the road.

The Manzini Market and emerging outlets on the road to Siteki and Lavumisa are some of the other venues to choose from.
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