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During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, an African people of Nguni descent migrated southward from Central Africa and eventually, during the mid-eighteenth century, a group of them settled in the area which is now Swaziland.

Swaziland has kept her unique culture derived from past history. The culture is passed from generation to generation through practice and story narrations to the young ones by the elders of the society.

Swaziland is a small landlocked country and all of Swaziland is within easy reach - at the maximum 3 hours' travel.


SiSwati and English are the two official languages spoken in the kingdom.

Passports and Visas

All visitors require valid passports and travel documents.
Visas are required by all EXCEPT:
Nationals of Swaziland, British subjects, nationals of Australia, Bahamas, Barbados,Belgium, Botswana, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Gambia, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guyana, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Nauru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, Samoa, San Marino, Seychelles, Sierre leone, Republic of South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad, and Tobago, Uganda, Uruguay, the United States of America, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Visas for citizens of Austria, Switzerland and R.O.C can be obtained free of charge at the point of entry.

Visitors wishing to stay more than 60 days must apply for a temporary residence permit from the Chief Immigration Officer, P.O.BOX 372, Mbabane, Tel: (+268) 404-2941/2.

Transport Services

The main transport service includes Airlink Swaziland, the national airline, which is based at Matsapha Airport. Bookings are available through South African Airways. There are flights from Johannesburg twice daily.

Local buses, taxis, and minibus taxis operate throughout the country.


Vaccination against yellow fever is required, if arriving within 6 days from or via an infected area.
Prophylactics against malaria are recommended and immunization against cholera, typhoid and polio.
Other risks are rabies and in river and dams, bilharzia.


Lilangeni (singular) or Emalangeni (plural) and cents (E1 - 100cents) is the currency used in Swaziland. It is of equal value to the South African Rand.Both currencies are in circulation locally. The traveler is advised to change Emalangeni back to his own currency before leaving Swaziland.

Most Credit cards and travelers cheques are honoured in the Kingdom.


Natural fibers are suitable for the very hot summers in the low lying areas of the Kingdom of Swaziland. Winter on the highveld can be very cold with the temperatures approaching freezing so warm clothing is necessary. Don't forget your walking shoes.

Tourism Information Office

Swazi Plaza Tourism Information Office
Swazi Plaza, Mbabane
P.O. Box A1030
Swazi Plaza
Phone: +268 404 2531 / 4090112
Fax: +268 404 2531


European Union
Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland and Mission to the EU
Avenue Winston Churchill 188
Tel +32 (2) 347 4771 +32 (2) 347 4632

South Africa
High Commission of the Kingdom of Swaziland
715 Government Avenue
Arcadia 0083
P O Box 14294
Hatfield 0028
Tel +27(12)344 1910/17/25 +27(12) 343 0455

United States of America
Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland
1712 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Tel +1 (202) 234 5002

Border Posts From South Africa

Oshoek - Ngwenya
(From Johannesburg/Pretoria, Mpumalanga to Mbabane)
07h00 - 22h00

Nerston - Sandlane
(Through Amsterdam for Bhunya, Usutu Forest and Mhlambanyatsi)
08h00 - 18h00

Mahamba - Mahamba
(From Piet Retief to Nhlangano and Hlatikhulu)
07h00 - 22h00

Golela - Lavumisa
(From Durban along the North Coast Road)
07h00 - 22h00

Bordergate - Mananga
(From Komatipoort to Tshaneni and Mhlume)
07h00 - 18h00

Jeppe's Reef - Matsamo
(From Kruger National Park via Malelane)
07h00 - 20h00

Jossefdal - Bulembu
(From Nelspruit or Kaapmuiden via Barbeton to Havelock and Piggs Peak)
07h00 - 16h00

Namaacha - Lomahasha
(From Mocambique through Mpaka and Maphiveni)
07h00 - 20h00
Swazi Visitors Information Swazi Visitors Information Swazi Visitors Information