Kruger Park Access Information

Kruger National Park upgrades gate access control system.

Kruger National Park (KNP) has implemented additional gate access control systems at its entrance gates in the South of the Park. As from 1 September 2017, all visitors over 18 years old will be required to produce their identity document (ID), passport or alternative valid identification such as drivers licence card for scanning upon entering or exiting the Park.

The upgraded system will assist with monitoring the movement of persons who enter or exit the Park and will ensure that information related to any persons entering the park in order to conduct illegal activities in centrally recorded and monitored areas.

It was confirmed by the KNPs Managing Executive that they system will apply to everybody including staff members, suppliers and other residents of the Park. This control system is expected to improve on their proactive surveillance, early warning and detection. In their quest to continue to enhance security for both wildlife and visitors, they will continue to make use of appropriate security technology.
He also concluded by recognising that they will have to keep a fine balance between imposing potentially anti-tourist friendly security apparatus while also ensuring the protection of both tourists and wildlife. The public is requested to please be patient during these very necessary security processes.

Visitors will still be required to go through their normal check-in or check-out at the gate receptions before proceeding to the security scanning process. Training for the security personnel on the upgraded system is underway to minimize the possible delays as soon as the new operation kicks-in.

The Kruger Park is the ideal self-drive safari destination. With the freedom to discover the Park at your own pace, the thrill of finding the Big Five on your own, the Kruger Park offers you a great value for money holiday.

The Kruger Park is an excellent self drive destination as the roads leading to the Park from Johannesburg (and other cities) are tarred and well signposted, traffic density is low, there are many fuel service stations along the way and easy-to-follow maps are available. The Johannesburg - Maputo Corridor allows you to travel on dual carriageway for most of the way.

When planning your travelling route, please make use of the Kruger Park Map for and indication and location of the restcamps and check the travelling times inside Kruger National Park.

Various accommodation options are available in a number of Restcamps offering many accommodation types.

The Mpumalanga area offers wonderful scenic drives to surrounding places such as Blyde River Canyon, Pilgrims Rest, Bourkes Luck Potholes, as well as waterfalls, mountain passes and trout fishing streams.

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