Pilgrims Rest

Pilgrims Rest is a living musuem - the entire town has been declared a national Monument - taking the visitors to the day of old Transvaal Gold Rush.

Pilgrim's Rest was declared a gold field in 1873, soon after digger Alec "Wheelbarrow" Patterson had found gold deposits in Pilgrim's Creek. The Valley proved to be rich in gold and by the end of the year, there where about 1500 diggers working in the area.

As a result, Pilgrim's Rest became a social center of the diggings.

Mining was active until 1971 when Beta Mine was closed down. Tranvaal Gold Mining Estates opened again in 1999 and there is active gold mining in the hills around Pilgrim's Rest.

Central Information Office
Provides the visitor's with an overview of Pilgrim's Rest past and current celebrity.

Church Building
Graceful church architecture can be seen in the form of the Sacred Heart Church, St Mary's Church, Methodist Church and Dutch Reformed Church.

Digging Museum & Gold Panning
An informative display and tour, detailing the lifestyle of original pioneer and the methods they used in panning alluvial deposits.

Dredzen Shop and House Museum
A living museum depicting the lifestyle of the town's original general dealers, including the family of the owner living inthe back of the house, and original goods on display in the streetside shop.

Historic Cemetery
Early graves of the town's residents, showing the common causes of death in the town at the time. The 19th Century grave of a tent robbercaught in the act lies perpendicularly to the others.

Joubert Bridge
Built in 1896 at the western entrance to the town.

Mount Sheba Nature Reserve
A series of outstanding walks can be taken throughout this reserve, offering spectacular scenery.

Ponieskrantz Stables
See the escarpment on horseback, on daily or overnight camping rides.

Printing Museum
A tribute to the printing industry, including historical front pages of local publications.

TGME Golf Course
A tricky 9-hole layout with shared greens. The clubhouse's walls were constructed with materials brought originally by ox-wagon from Groot Marico.

Village Walking Trails
Maps can be obtained from the Central Info Office, showing routes through the historic streets of the town.
Pilgrims Rest Pilgrims Rest Pilgrims Rest Pilgrims Rest Pilgrims Rest Pilgrims Rest
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