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Kakamas was originally build by a church and named after the Khoi word for 'poor pasture'. However, the name today reflects poorly on a fertile valley in the lower Orange River, graced with vineyards, cotton and lucerne fields.

Kakamas offers you an unforgettable combination of the mighty Orange (Gariep) River and the desolate barrenness of the Kalahari.

To some the town's name originates from the Khoi word, "gagamas" (brown), referring to the red clay of the area with which women daub their faces. To most, though, Kakamas is a Koranna word meaning "poor pasture" and "vicious, charging ox". Legend has it that grazing in the vicinity was poor and, when cattle were driven through the river's drifts, some sonsistently turned on their drivers.

Knysna's Dutch Reformed Church minister, BPJ Marchand, sometimes called he "father of Kakamas", played a leading role in saving people from ruin. The river island of Marchand, Zoetap and Neus became a labour colony for the poor. So successful were their farming ventures that full title to the land was granted to them.

In 1930, the church divided and area in central Kakamas into 40 residential plots. This was the beginning of the Kakamas township. Cultivating grapes for raisins began in 1960 and table grapes in 1980. Today the grapes are exported worldwide.

Kakamas Visitors Accommodation

Whether on holiday or for business, Kakamas Accommodation options will definitely satisfy your needs.


Augrabies Falls
Few sights are as awesome or a sound as deafening as water thundering down the 56-m Augrabies Waterfall when the Orange River is in full flood and running through the Augrabies Falls National Park.

Riemvasmaak Hot Springs
The Riemvasmaak hot springs is situated 56km north-west of Kakamas, located in a deep ravine surrounded by hills dotted with wild fig and quiver trees. Accomodation is available and hiking and the Riemvasmaak 4x4 trails have been laid out.

Klipspringer Hiking Trail
The Klipspringer Hiking Trail is a 3-day trail (37km) starting from the Augrabies Falls , along the Oranje River and over a remarkable array of rock formations and potholes within the Augrabies Falls National Park. Closed October to March due to heat.

German War Graves
The graves of German soldiers killed in a 1915 clash with South African troops lies at the foot of a low hill.

Irrigation Tunnels
Built by Cornish miners, they can be seen outside Kakamas.

Operating Waterwheels
Eleven waterwheels are still used on the canals. They can be seen in Voortrekker Street or on the many canals running through the vineyards, lucern and cottonfields.
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