The lack of coastal development and the sheer rugged beauty earned this 300-mile stretch of the Africa coast, north of East London, its name - The Wild Coast.

At the Wild Coast the sun shines day after day, month after month, on this beautiful and extensive tract of undulating pastoral country studded with whitewashed, thatched rondavel huts.

Welcome to some of the finest undisturbed coastlines on the sub-continent, the warm water of the Agulhas current, wide golden beaches, rocky shores supporting a fascinating and diverse animal kingdom, deep river gorges and wide lagoons, cosy family-style hotels, magnificent indigenous coastal forests, and bird-,animal- and plantlife in profusion - the magnificent Wild Coast offers you a rendezvous with pure relaxation and comfort.

From the high peaks of the Drakensburg mountains through the hilly interior and down to the rugged coastline, the Wild Coast region occupies 42870sq km of rugged terrain. Impressive rivers rise in the highlands and cut through this landscape to spill out into the warm Indian Ocean. With this diversity of landscape the Wild Coast offers many kinds of holiday to many different people. And it is within 2 hours drive from East London.


If you're not a crowd loving traveler, South Africa's Wild Coast is certainly the place to enjoy your breakaway.

The Wild Coast is the best place for a personal, low-key getaway. Cellphone reception is not that good, the weather is perfectly mild and the days are long and lazy perfect for reading an entire book in one go on a secluded beach.


Wild country has a special meaning to those who make the effort to go into it. It belongs in a certain sense to that large but very distinctive group - the backpackers. The Wild Coast Hiking Trails offers backpackers some of the most spectacular coastal wilderness in southern Africa.


The Wild Coast is renowned for its rugged scenery, good spearfishing and delicious seafood. Although there are many exciting reefs that remain to be discovered and explored, scuba diving is not particularly popular in this area.

To dive at the Wild Coast is to discover the fascinating beauty of the underwater world - unspoilt, colourful, alive. Now you can explore the Wild Coast's unforgettable coral reefs and rich aquarian life.


Fishing is one of the major drawcards of the Wild Coast and the entire coastline is a fisherman's dream. Anglers can find tremendous sport and many an excellent meal among the vast number of fish species frequenting the waters off the coast - more than 800 species have been identified.

Other holiday highlights include birdwatching, boardsailing, boat trips, bowls, canoeing, beach combing and shelling, golf, libraries, museums, ski boating, shipwrecks, surfing, tennis and squash, and walking.


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