Durban -  uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine World in Durban has developed out of a vision to create a world-class entertainment and tourism destination for Durban and all of South Africa.

uShaka Marine World Incorporates fresh and sea water, natural materials, the re-creation of awreck of a 1940's cargo ship, with the 5th largest aquarium in the world by volume of water, coupled with indigenous African imagery, lush vegetation and maritime images of the Port of Durban, plus a water slides amusement park, uShaka is a complete 'Marine World'.

The park is tatesfully themed with a focus on family entertainment in terms of fun, excitement, friendliness, imagery, activities, education and unique experiences, grouped into five distinct areas.

Treasure World

The retail food and beverage outlets are close to the main entrance to uShaka and at a height of about 10 metres above sea level, overlook much of the park and the Indian Ocean beyond.

From the mysteries of the ocean floor to the wonders above, you'll find many of the treasurees you're looking for in over 11 250m2 of retail speciality stores.

These include fun products such as clothing and apparel, outdoor gear and equipment, arts and crafts and other indigenous and tourist-focussed goods, information and services.

Sea World and Dolphin World

Located in the centre of uShaka Marine World, these comprise a salt water aquarium with indoor and outdoor displays and exhibits, a 1200- seater dolphin stadium where you'll be entertained by the world-famous Gambit and friends, the seal stadium and penguin rookery.

In addition, Sea World offers edutainment tours behind the scenes and special interactive activities such as snorkelling through reefs and grottos and scuba dives.

Many of uShaka's unique experiences are to be found in and around Sea World.

Snorkel Lagoon - Catch a feed presentation for the rock lobsters, eel and octopus before heading into the water and snorkelling into a pool designed as a rocky lagoon.

Float gently over the lagoon filled with a huge variety of marine life and maritime effects such as a 16th century ship's canon before entering the bowels of a shipwrecked cargo vessel and facing up to the predators of the deep through glass.

Offshore Rocky Reefs Exhibit - offering a diving experience, the Rocky Reef's tank will have you interacting with fish such as Slinger and Englishman and other rare and magnificent reef fish found off the KwaZulu-Natal coast.

Rocky Touch Pool - touch a starfish or feel the skin of a sea cucumber - with the help of a specially trained guide.

The Open Ocean - gazing through an enormous window 8m long by 3m high you'll feel as though you are actually standing underwater with the many fish associated with the open ocean such as tuna, pompano, dorado and rays.

Dangers of the Deep - sharks, sea snakes, devil fire fish and stone fish occupy this area where from the surface you might even be able to touch a shark as it swims past a purpose-built balcony at feeding time.

Coral Gardens - a coral reef, one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth which has been recreated for you within Sea World.

The Deep Zone - is a window into the lives of some of the weirdest and most spectacular animals inhabiting a world hundreds of metres below the surface of the ocean, often in total darkness.

Seals - be astounded by what these agile and intelligent creatures can do as they run through a program designed for your entertainment.

Penguins - the African penguin is an endangered species and the breeding colony will provide you with a special opportunity to see these rare birds.

Entry fees (at the time of publishing) are R80 per adult and R50 per child.

Dolphin World

The beloved dolphins, including the world-famous Gambit, will enthral you with their grace and strength in their new and enormous 1200-seater stadium. Specially designed viewing windows will enable you to see the animals both above and below the water, where their remarkable speed and power can be appreciated fully.

Beach World

Durban is famous for its beaches and that's exactly what you'll find at uShaka. Bell's Beach, adjacent to uShaka Marine World, has been set aside for adventure seekers and offers perfect all-year non-stop fun.

Activities include windsurfing, beach volleyball, and beach rugby, surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, paddle boat rides, dolphin viewing charters and national and international beach sports events.

Wet 'n Wild World

A fresh water entertainment wonderland, Wet 'n Wild World offers exhilarating fun and safe entertainment for the whole family. It features separate swimming pools for kids and adults, relaxing river rides and high speed chutes for the adrenaline junkies.

Mini-super tube - designed for kids up to 6 years of age, but wide enough for mum or dad to share the twists and bends, the mini-super tube will help build confidence for the bigger, faster slides in the park.

Play Area - water cannons and water mushrooms will keep the young busy for hours and ensure your visit to Wet 'n Wild World is fun-filled.

The Open-body ride - sometimes referred to as the washing machine, this is a ride to be enjoyed by all ages. The high water volume accelerates you through the bends at a rage of about 4-5 metres per second, exiting into a safe pool at the bottom.

Tunnel ride - a roller-coaster enclosed ride not for the claustrophobic. Speeding round the curves at a gut- wrenching four metres per second in the dark makes for a thrilling experience and you'll definitely be coming back for more!

Special Tours

Get an insight into Sea World's rehabilitation program for injured marine life. Learn how uShaka Marine World pumps water from the open ocean through the many aquarium tanks before returning it to the sea, cleaner than it was before.

Be fascinated by a behind- the-scenes tour into the functioning of this spectacular marine theme park.


To reach uShaka Marine World from central Durban, join Point Road from West Street or Victoria Embankment and travel south.

Continue on Point Road, turn left into Southampton and again into Albert Terrace.
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