The Northern Drakensberg

The Northern Drakensberg is home to the Royal Natal National Park which holds the Amphitheatre range, a sheer wall of Basalt over which the Tugela Falls plumets. The Thendele restcamp is alos located within Royal Natal.

The Northern Drakensberg is supported mostly by the town Bergville.

The mountains of the Northern Drakensberg are spectacular, very sheer, rising 800 - 900 m above the valley with the Thukela Falls at 850m, the 2nd highest in the world, and the Amphitheatre the most spectacular feature of the Drakensberg.

Above the Amphitheatre is Mont-aux-Sources peak where the Orange River starts its long journey to the Atlantic Ocean.

Here the Drakensberg, for the length of 5 kms raises straight up to the sky, to a height of about 1000 meter and where the brave can climb up a chain ladder and view the escarpment from the top.

The Tugela Falls cascades down 5 drops forming the second highest waterfall in the world.

The Royal Natal boasts some of the most splendid scenery in Africa. This area has numerous walks and hikes to challenge the tourist, from easy to day long treks.Tourists are encouraged to register their presence when challenging this area of the Drakensberg, as the weather can change dangerously quickly.

A comprehensive hiking guide is available for purchase at the Visitor Centre, at Thendele camp office and at the main entrance gate to Royal Natal.

The brochure shows a map of the park and the network of hiking paths which visit every part of the park from the gentle walk to Fairy Glen to the challenging hike up the Crack and down the Mudslide.

The Northern Drakensberg accommodation options vary and the area has a wide selection of accommodation to choose from ranging from modest B&Bs to self-catering, guest houses and splendid hotels and resorts covering prices to suit every pocket.


From the N3 (southbound) take the turn-off (R616) about 16km after the toll plaza to Bergville.
If northbound take the R74 after Estcourt to Bergville.
From Bergville proceed via the R74 to your destination.
The Northern Drakensberg The Northern Drakensberg The Northern Drakensberg