Bergville is a scenic town set up on the banks of the Tugela River in the shade of the dramatic peaks of Drakensberg Mountains. Bergville is also the main town in the Northern Drakensberg area.

A variety of accommodation options can be found in the Bergville area.

The original village was set up in 1897. It is now the commercial center for a district, which includes the tribal area of the Ngwaneni. Cattle ranching and dairying are the main economic activities of the district. Maize is grown on a modest scale.

The rivers are well stocked with trout. The Bergville municipality maintains a holiday resort on the banks of the river. Given its settings in magnificent untouched countryside.

Bergville is a much favoured ecotourism destination.


The only British blockhouse in KwaZulu Natal, surviving the Anglo Boer War.

Thandanani Handcraft Center:
A pro-active community initiative set up to promote both tourism and local entrepreneurship. Fine Zulu craftsmanship, including impressive basketwork, is on sale.

Spioenkop Dam:
A resort has been developed around the dam. Many animal species can be seen.

Reserves and Parks:
Bergville is a perfect base for those visiting the Drakensberg. Nearby is the Royal Natal National Park, Rugged Glen Nature Reserve, Catkhins Peak State Forest and Monks Cowl.

San Rock Artwork:
Fine examples can be seen in the area.

The site of the famous Anglo-Boer War battle in 1900, which resulted in severe British losses.
Bergville Bergville Bergville Bergville Bergville
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