Wilderness National Park Trails

The Wilderness National Park stretches from the Touw River mouth in the west to Swartvlei and the Sedgefield Lagoon in the east.

The lakes, one of the major attractions of the southern Cape, form a uniquely beautiful wetlands area, conserved as a functioning ecosystem and recreational area.

There are five trails in the Park - all with varying distances

* Half Collared Kingfisher Trail
It is a nice shady walk through the forest, you are likely to see most of our birds e.g. the Knyzna Loerie, Giant Kingfisher and the Fish Eagle. You will also see the Yellow Wood Trees.
Trail distance: 2km
Trail time: 1-2hrs

* Giant Kingfisher Trail
It is a little strenuous in the beginning of the trail but it does get easier. It is the only trail that leads to a waterfall. You are allowed to swim and picnic at the waterfall. This trail is on the opposite side of the Half Collard.
Trail distance: 3,5km
Trail time: 3-4hrs

* Pied Kingfisher Trail
This trail is mainly used for bird watching. It is a flat circular route which takes you through the Serpentine which mainly consists of Fynbos. It is an open trail with no shade. There is a section of the trail which combines with the beach. Youll be able to walk along the beach to Wilderness Village and back to the Rest Camp.
Trail distance: 10km
Trail time: 3-4hrs

* Brown Hooded Kingfisher Trail
This is also through the forest and leads to the river. This trail is also popular for bird watching.
Trail distance: 5km
Trail time: 2-3hrs

* Cape Dune Molerat Trail
This is a very sandy trail, where you can see the Fynbos and beautiful Proteas close at hand. It is also a circular route with no shade.
Trail distance: 3km
Trail time: 2-3hrs

A detailed brochure on the Trails is available at the reception office of the Park.

There are also Bird Hides within the Park and you can get directions to these at the reception area.

Wilderness National Park Trails
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