Natal Sharks Board

The Natal Sharks Board, in Durban, services a combination of shark nets and recently-deployed drumlines, spread at intervals along 320 km of coastline in KwaZulu-Natal, thereby providing protection against shark attack at 38 localities.

It employs about 170 staff members, most of whom put to sea on 15 boats to service the equipment. The other members of staff are engaged in research, administration, public relations, store-keeping and maintenance.

Public shows
The Sharks Board welcomes and encourages visits by members of the public to its complex in Umhlanga Rocks where they can view a 25 minute audio-visual presentation on the day to day work done by the Sharks Board. This is followed by a 20 minute dissection.

The audio-visual & dissection, is presented at the following times:
Tuesday - 09:00 & 14:00
Wednesday - 09:00 & 14:00
Thursday - 09:00 & 14:00
Sunday - 14:00

Visit the display hall and view the large variety of lifelike replicas of sharks, fish and rays, including that of a 892 kg great white shark. Browse in the curio shop "Fathoms" where a treasure chest of unusual and stylish gifts, including hand crafts, T-shirts, leather goods, jewellery and other ornaments, await you.

The display hall and curio shop are open to the public from 8.00 to 16.00 Monday to Friday.

Boat trips
Experience and enjoy the sights of Durban as you travel through the harbour and out to sea into the rising sun. These trips are run seven days a week, and on weekdays one can see the shark nets being serviced along Durbans Golden Mile.

Sharks are not often found in the nets but there will be an opportunity to see and learn about the dolphins, seabirds and fish life that abound in our coastal waters.

Bookings by phoning 082 403 9206. The boat is licensed for 12 passengers but a minimum of six passengers are required.

The head office of the Natal Sharks Board is situated in Umhlanga, which is 15 km north of Durban.

Fax: +27-(0)31-566-0499
Tel: +27-(0)31-566-0400

1a Herrwood Drive, Umhlanga

Natal Sharks Board Natal Sharks Board Natal Sharks Board Natal Sharks Board Natal Sharks Board Natal Sharks Board Natal Sharks Board Natal Sharks Board Natal Sharks Board
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