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Mozambique is an excellent tourist destination. The country's natural beauty, wildlife, and historic heritage provide excellent opportunities for beach, cultural, and eco-tourism.

Offering an unique historical and cultural heritage, tropical beaches, coral reefs, spectacular landscapes, intriguingly rich architecture and small desolated islands close to the coast, Mozambique is one of the most enticing tourist destinations in Southern African.

After centuries of resisting onslaughts of various invaders, colonial rule was established in Mozambique by Portugal in 1919. However, it is now an independent country, after national liberation on June 25, 1975 and has awakened after decades of isolation as a very popular tourist destination.

Situated on the East Coast of Africa, Mozambique is ranked 33rd in the world according to its size with ten Provinces and Maputo as capital city. The 2500km coastline (Map of Mozambique) is scattered with endless coral reefs, tropical beaches and is a mecca for scuba and snorkel divers, sun worshippers and adventures explorers.

The pristine coast is one of the few unexplored pleasures of the Indian Ocean and host a dazzling display of marine life. The world renown Bazaruto Archipelago is part of the pristine coast line.

Mozambique's distinct local style consists of a vibrant blend of African, Arab and Portuguese influences and provides a refreshing contrast to the other countries in the Southern Africa region. The passion for life can be seen on every corner of this diverse country, from Maputo's modern, bustling city streets and pulsating night life to the colourful markets and small fishing villages which dot the coast. And accommodation in Mozambique offers something different.

Northern Mozambique holds unforgettable experiences and sights for those travellers yearning to escape the beaten path. Exotic destinations in the Northern region include the mysterious and majestic mountains of Namli and Unango, historical settlements of Angoche, Ile de Mozambique, and Ibo and the magnificent harbour of Pemba.

Of the cultural traditions imbued in colonial times, the remnants of a Mediterranean charm lives on. Food is in the Afro-Potuquese style and contrasts favourably with the British culinary tradition prevalent in the other countries in the region.

The warmth, liveliness and exuberance of Mozambicans is well-known. As a visitor, you will be welcomed with open arms - Mozambique Visitors Information.

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