A minimum of one night stay in either Kruger National Park or Limpopo National Park is required to be allowed to pass through the Giriyondo or Pafuri border posts.

If documentary proof of such booking in the official overnight accommodation within these two parks cannot be provided, visitors will not be allowed to cross these two border posts. The date of such official booking must correspond with the date of crossing one of the border posts in that the date of the booking must either directly precede or directly follow the date of the official accommodation booking.

Kruger National Park, with the Parque Nacional do Limpopo, and Gonarhezou National Park form part of the Great Limpopo Tranfrontier Park, a cross-border conservation initiative between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique.

With the Giriyondo Access Facility between South Africa and Mozambique operational, there are new travel routes open to park visitors.

The following is some information about the Giriyondo Access Point between Mozambique and South Africa. Please note that we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of this information, however we will try and keep it up to date. We hope this assists people who would like to make use of the Giriyondo Access Facility in the future.

The Giriyondo Tourist Access Facility is open from 08:00 until 16:00 (October March) and from 08:00 until 15:00 (April September) and is only open for 4x4 vehicles as the roads within the Parque Nacional do Limpopo are still being developed. It is also not open to commercial traffic as its role is to facilitate tourist movement within the GLTP. Therefore, no vehicles with an excess of a maximum of four tons axle load are allowed.

Visitors using the facility should allow enough time to reach their destinations whilst adhering to speed regulations within the KNP. Visitors who do not reach the Giriyondo Tourist Access Facility in time will be required to overnight at the closest camp as it is against KNP regulations to travel after normal gate closing times.

It is approximately 95kms (at least two hours, 15 minutes traveling time) between Phalaborwa Entrance Gate and the Giriyondo Tourist Access Facility and approximately 75kms (at least two hours) between Giriyondo and Massingir. Boats and trailers will be allowed at the owners risk and the transport of firearms not allowed except if the owner can provide the necessary export permits.

What you need before the time:

Guests must ensure that they have their valid passports, all the relevant registration documents for their vehicles and permission from the owner of the vehicle or the bank as per the requirement at other Mozambique/South Africa border posts.

- A Passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your return
- SA citizens DO NOT require visas.
- All other passport holders require visas unless stipulated to the contrary in your country. Visas can be obtained at the Mozambican Embassy or Consulate in your country. It is not guaranteed that you will be able to buy your visa at the border. At most points of entry you can purchase a 30-day single-entry visa.
- Your original vehicle registration documents.
South Africans note: if you are not the titleholder of the documents, you also require a letter from the titleholder to take the car out of South Africa.

If you are towing a trailer or boat you also need registration documents for these.
Rental vehicles can cross the border, but you need to inform the rental company beforehand and get the necessary documents from them. There is normally a levy involved. Note: Not many rental companies offer the service of renting a vehicle in South Africa and dropping it off in Mozambique.
Compulsory Mozambican 3rd party insurance for your vehicle & trailer (if applicable). You can purchase this beforehand.

A South African drivers licence is valid in all the SADC states. Other passport holders do require an international drivers licence.
You are required by local law to have at least two red emergency triangles in your vehicle at all times (These are available at most supermarkets). In addition, if you are towing, you have to display a blue and yellow triangle on the front of your vehicle as well as on the back of the trailer/caravan. These triangles can be purchased at AA shops.

If possible, try to get some of the local currency, Meticais, beforehand. You can also pay with Rand and USD at the border, and use such currency inside Mozambique, but the rate may be poor and change may not be available.

It will be a good idea to take out travel insurance to in case you need to be evacuated in a medical emergency.
Make certified copies of all your important documentation.

Travelling from Maputo:

Maputo to Macia (EN1) 149km.
Macia to Xai Xai: 62km
Macia to Bilene: 33km (turnoff to Bilene is also in Macia)
Macia to Massingir turnoff on the Chokwe/Macarretane road 82km
Turnoff to Massingir 103km
Massingir to Giriyondo 80km
Remember: DO NOT SPEED there are people, children and animals crossing the road.

NB: If you are traveling from the Mozambique side, you need to purchase your permit at the Parks offices in the town of Massingir.

From Massingir town you travel a short distance to the Massingir dam to get to the Park gates.

In the Parque Nacional do Limpopo:

The speed limit inside the Park varies from 40km/h to 20km/h.

It is advisable to use a GPS in the Limpopo Park signboards are scarse and the roads can be somewhat confusing. Any vehicle with high ground clearance will make it although one might need a 4x4 after heavy rains.

The roads are narrow, thus you have to go into the thick sand next to the road to give way for approaching vehicles and agains a 4x4 may be required-check beforehand.. . If there are people on the road DO NOT speed right up to them slow down, give them time to get out of the road and pass them slowly.

Please give people right of way.
Do not take video or photographs of people without asking permission first.

Border procedures:

South Africa to Mozambique: South African side

All passport holders must take their passports to be stamped by the immigrations official.
A temporary import permit for the vehicle and (if applicable) trailer has to be completed and stamped. From time to time Giriyondo does not have stock of the quadruplicate DA 341 form and this makes the process a bit cumbersome you will thus have to complete a form on the SA side as well as the Mozambique side- find out before hand.

***Keep this form in a safe place but also handy in case you are stopped and the traffic officials/police request to see it. ***

Important to remember:

If you have not purchased your 3rd party insurance yet, leave the space provided open and complete on the Mozambique side after you have purchased the insurance in Massingir.

Declare all valuables, like camping fridges and cameras etc. on this form. If you do not, you may be charged import duty. Items declared on this form have to be with you when you leave again.

The immigrations officials at Giriyondo are very kind, they complete the gate pass (thin slip with registration number and number of occupants in car) for you. A police official then goes and checks your vehicle and takes the stamped gate slip.

South Africa to Mozambique: Mozambique side

- If you do not yet have your 3rd party insurance you have to purchase it.
- Non-South African passport holders need to purchase a visa just double check that this can be done at the Giriyondo Access Point. You will be required to complete an application form.
- Complete an Embark/Disembark Card for every passport. Hand the completed cards and the passports to the migrations official to be stamped. You are also required to pay a border tax.
- If the SA side does not have the quadruplicate DA 341 form, you will also have to complete another form in duplicate on the Mozambique side for the temporary import of the vehicle. You also need to pay for the temporary import permit.
- Pay park entrance fees at Giriyondo reception. Additional charges for vehicles and trailors.

Some points to remember:

- Each person is allowed to bring in 50.00 USD worth of foodstuff once every 30 days for personal consumption.
- If you exceed the 50.00 USD limit an official tax rate of 46% is used to tax any foodstuff. You should prove the value of the goods bought by showing the receipts (till slip). If you do not have any receipts the custom officials will estimate the value of the goods and you will be taxed accordingly. (Make sure the tax is levied on the amount before VAT no use paying tax on tax).

You are allowed the following (but it forms part of your 50 USD)
- 1lt Hard liquor
- 2 Bottles wine
- 200 Cigarettes

- You are not allowed to bring in sugar or salt.
- There are currently restrictions on eggs and chicken meat due to bird flu.
- You now need to complete the formalities for the Limpopo Park.
- At the Tourist office you pay for your permit.
- If you kill a person with your vehicle, whether it was your fault or not, there is a compulsory jail term of 72 hours.
- Stick to the speed limits: normally 60km/h in towns and 80km/h on the open road. Ask for a receipt.
- Wear your seatbelt.
- Always be polite as the Police do not like arrogance or disrespectful comments.
- Most of all, enjoy your trip and the wonderful experiences offered by the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

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