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The Nuweveld 4x4 Eco Trail within the Karoo National Park provides an opportunity for visitors to experience a new area of the almost 90 000-hectare Karoo National Park. Routes are open only to visitors with 4x4 vehicles.

The Nuweveld Trail follows a 90-kilometre route into the western section of the Park, starting off the relatively new Potlekkertjie Loop. Approximately 50 kilometres of this trail is a Grade one 4x4 trail with some steep, rocky sections and sandy dry river crossings.

The first section of the Nuweveld Trail travels through riverine thicket before heading onto the plains and then climbing onto the foothills of the Nuweveld Mountains. The route then heads onto the lower plains in the Sandrivier area, before linking up again with the Potlekkertjie Loop via the Afsaal Trail.

About 20 kilometres from the start of the trail, visitors will find the Embizweni Cottage which provides an ideal place for an overnight stay in a remote and tranquil location.

Embizweni Cottage has spectacular views of the Nuweveld Mountains to the east and the area is frequented by large herds of eland, gemsbok and individual black rhino. Cape mountain zebra, red hartebeest and kudu can also be seen as well as Verrauxs eagle and kori and Ludwigs bustard.

Embizweni Cottage

The Embezweni Cottage is self-catering and is solar and gas operated. A fridge with a freezing compartment and a gas stove are available in the kitchen and hot water is supplied from a gas geyser. The house consists of two bedrooms. One bedroom with a double bed (sleeps two) and one bedroom with a double bed and single sleeper couch (which sleeps two to three) and in the lounge is a double bunk bed which sleeps two. The house also offers a bathroom (bath/shower), kitchen and lounge/living area with a lovely verandah and a braai.

Visitors can enjoy the Nuweveld Route free of charge. A stay in Embizweni Cottage is very affordable with rates starting from R1146.35 for up to four people, additional adult at R262.60 or additional child at R131.30

The Embezweni Cottage must be booked for a minimum of two nights.


Because of the sparse vegetation, game viewing in Karoo National Park is easily facilitated.

Large herbivores such as Red Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, Eland, the two zebra species, kudu and springbok are all regularly seen. Klipspringer are regularly seen on the pass of the same name. Other species are less obvious due to smaller size, nocturnal habits or restriction to the wilderness areas of the park.

Karoo National Park has a very rich reptilian fauna. Of particular significance are the 5 species of tortoise. However there is also a terrapin, an agama, 2 chameleons, a monitor, 18 snakes and several geckos, skinks and lizards.

Things to Seek:

- Black Eagle with around 20 pairs of these eagles breeding, the park can lay claim to one of the highest densities of this regal species in Africa
- Tortoises the park hosts 5 different species, the highest density of species per equivalent area anywhere in the world
- Cape Mountain Zebra this species came close to extinction early in the 20th Century. It is well established in the park and visitors have the opportunity to compare its bold stripe pattern to that of the quagga strain
- Springbok the emblem of the park and present in high numbers. This is a reminder of the once massive herds that crossed the Karoo on annual migration that could stretch for several kilometres.

For more information, please telephone Karoo National Park on 27234152828.

Conservation Fees

Please note daily conservation levies are payable. Please see details of Conservation Fees.


Entrance to the Park is from the N1 and the restcamp is approximately 10 km south from the town of Beaufort West.

Gate Hours:
05:00 22:00
Arrivals after 22:00 are not permitted.
The reception office is open from 07:00 to 19:00.

Nuweveld 4x4 Eco Trail Nuweveld 4x4 Eco Trail
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