From lions in Kenya to snow leopards in the Himalaya, the big cats of the world need help. Lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, and other top felines are quickly disappearing, all victims of habitat loss and degradation as well as conflicts withLioness humans.

The number of Lions and Big Cats living in the wild has dwindled:
* Lions: from 400,000 (1960) to about 20,000 (2011)
* Leopards: from 750,000 to 50,000
* Cheetahs: from 45,000 to 12,000
* Tigers: from 50,000 to 3,000

National Geographic Big Cat Initiative is an effort to save the Big Cats. An appeal is made to you for a contribution to this very important Initiative.

The following film truly captures the authenticity of nature and the wild.