The Trade of cattle for the land between the Vaal and Vet River, undertaken by Andries Pretorius and Bataung Chief Makwana in 1836, led more to a dispute between colonisers than a triumph of landgabbing.

The settlement of this culminated in the proclaiming of the first Voortrekker town in the Free State (named to 'win a dispute). Winburg acted as an outpost, a religious centre and, as is now a mixed-farming town and crucial railway link.


Dutch Reformed Church
Following a split in the original congregation, a new church built in 1917.

Fords Hotel
Historic Hotel who's dining hall was used by the Voortrekkers.

Garden of Rememberance
Beautiful landscape and manicured garden commemorating the Voortrekkers of the Groot Trek.

MT Steyn Museum
Home of former president MT Steyn, now a museum on the Voortrekker Monument ground.

Stone Huts
These houses are a little dilapidated, but offer insight into history of the area's first inhabitants.

Voortrekker Cemetery
The oldest Voortrekker Cemetery in South Africa.

Voortrekker Monument
Originally selected the site for the first Voortrekker Monument, this monument was built in 1968.
Winburg Winburg Winburg
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