Situated close to many famous battlesites, Volksrust is the ideal stop-over (Accommodation) when travelling between Johannesburg and Durban.

The land near where the Battle of Majuba was fought - where the Transvaal won independence from the British - was decided suitable for a new town to be founded on the Mpumalanga / KwaZulu Natal border.

Volksrust, became a municipality in 1904, is the commercial center of a district of which the main products are maize, wool, sorghum, sunflower seed, beef and dairy. Majuba, one of Eskoms new -generation power stations, was commissioned near Volksrust.

The town is the junction for the railway line that links the main Johannesburg-Durban line with other towns nearby. Slang River Falls are a mere 13 kilometers from the town.


Convention Bridge:
The remains of the Convention Bridge on Grensspruit have been proclaimed a national monument.

In 1894 Britain and the Transvaal Republic decided to strike a new agreement that put Swaziland under Transvaal control. A railway carriage was hauled to the middle of the bridge so that the conference table could stand astride the borders. President Kruger sat on Transvaal ground and Sir Henry on British ground.

Majuba Hill:
One of the key battle sites of South Africa, wherein the British suffered catastrophic losses and the conflict finally ended. The battle site features a memorial to British casualties on the spot where Gen Colley fell.

Laigns Nek:
Boers under Gen Piet Joubert inflicted the first of three defeats on the British here during the Anglo Boer war.

War Memorials:
Two memorials, both dedicated to victims of the two Transvaal-Britain Wars, are found in the town. One is for the concentration camp victims and the other for those involved in active service.

The site of the second of the heavy losses suffered by the British against Joubert-led Boers.

The Tamatiesberg north of the town is a popular paragliding venue.

Snowys Art Market:
A fine collection of crafts, paintings, home produce and homemade furniture can be bought here.
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