Vereeniging, with the meaning of joining (uniting), is located at the rail and road crossing point between the two old republics: Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic and the Republic of the Orange Free State.

In the late 1800s the Vaal River was crossed at Viljoensdrift, on the Free State side of the present Vereeniging. In 1878 coal was dicovered on the farm Leeuwkuil and a town developed around the mine on the northern bank of the Vaal River. The first stands were sold in 1892 and the railway track crossing the Vaal River was also completed that year.

It is one of the busiest industrial areas. The town is one of the most important industrial centres in South Africa and cables, chains, steel tubing, farm implements and many other products are manufactured here.

Coal reserves have been estimated at as much as 4 billion tons and substantial deposits of fire-clay, silica and building stone are also mined.


Klip River Terrace
One of the most valuable archaeological sites in the world. A rich store of Stone Age implements has been uncovered here.

Is a coal-rich farm that is also the site of an Anglo-Boer War concentration camp
and has a memorial to the Canadian soldiers who were killed in that war.

Mona Lisa
Very few people will be leave the Mona Lisa shop without buying at least one souvenir.
The shop offers a wide selection of homemade gifts, Swazi glass, candles, clay hangings and paintings.

Houses an interesting collection of photographs that were taken during the peace negotiations that ended the Anglo-Boer Warin 1902.

Three Rivers Nature Trail
Takes hikers along the Klip (Stone), Vaal and Suiker-bosrand Rivers. Also oppertunities for watersports.

Treaty of Vereeniging
The memorial was first erected on the spot where they signed the treaty and later moved to the library.

The Vaal Teknorama
Is the only museum of its kind in the country. It focuses on industrial development in the area. The Witkop Blockhouse is a relic from the Anglo-BoerWar.
Vereeniging Vereeniging Vereeniging
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