The Vaal River one of South Africa's largest rivers flows through Standerton. Standerton was named after the owner of the farm on which the town was established.

It is the agricultural center for the western part of Mpumalanga, specialising in cattle, dairy, maize and groundnuts.

The Vaal River is a fisherman's dream and is one of the main reasons why people will travel long distances to Standerton.

The Standerton Country club has a nine-hole golf course and catering facilities are also available on the premises.

Graceland Casino is 65 km from Standerton which makes it easy to visit if you are staying over in Standerton.

There is a number accomodation facilities available including a municipal caravan park alongside the river - with popular fishing, boating and other aquatic sports facilities.


Grootdraai Dam:
The tenth largest dam in South Africa is just 12 kilometers out of town and is a one of the town's major tourism attractions.

Kruger Bridge:
The first bridge to be built over the drift at which the town was laid out.

Standerskop Nature Reserve:
A home to many birds and animal species.
Standerton Standerton Standerton Standerton
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