The village of Rhodes lies among the highest peaks of the southern Drakensberg Mountain Range in the Eastern Cape. Tucked away, on the border with Lesotho, Rhodes Village exudes a timeless charm and beauty.

The area surrounding Rhodes was declared a Conservation Area in 1997. Offering pristine rivers and magnificent mountains it's the ideal getaway for adventure-lovers and for those seeking a break from the stresses of city life.

The climate in summer is warm, with cool nights, with frequent thunderstorms. Snow can even fall in summer. During winter the mountains are usually covered with snow between March and September. Temperatures can drop as low as -18C.

In summer wild flowers are in bloom and trout fishing can be done in the streams. The huge Bearded Vulture (Lammergeyer) can be spotted in the area and the Dolos Dobo Lily, which only grows between 2'450m and 3'200m, can be seen.

Naudes Neck Pass is about 20Km east of Rhodes on the way to Elands Heights, and the highest mountain pass in South Africa at 2500m.

Rhodes and the surrounding Highlands are blessed with pristine mountain streams and rivers such as the Bell, the Kraai and the Bokspruit. Excellent fly fishing opportunities abound.

The Rhodes Run, South Africa's iconic breathtaking trail run, is staged in the tranquil beauty of the mountains surrounding Rhodes.

The Tiffindell Ski Resort is about 20Km north of Rhodes. This resort, the only ski resort in sub-Saharan Africa, lies on the 3001m high Ben McDhui mountain. Natural snow may at times be supplemented with a snowmaking system, guaranteeing 95 days of skiing a year.

The Ben Macdhui Hiking Trail offers 1 to 6-day hikes through the mountains. The trail is 56Km long with waterfalls, streams and pools, and of course snow in winter.

The village has become a significant tourist attraction for those who wish to venture off the beaten track and savour the peace, tranquillity and character of the village.


- Game Viewing
- Fly Fishing
- Flora
- Birding
- Rock Art
- Hiking
- Mountain Biking
- Horse Riding
- Skiing
- Vulture Restaurant
Rhodes in the  Eastern Cape Highlands Rhodes in the  Eastern Cape Highlands Rhodes in the  Eastern Cape Highlands Rhodes in the  Eastern Cape Highlands Rhodes in the  Eastern Cape Highlands
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