Ramsgate has a quaint village atmosphere and beach front holiday cottages nestling amongst the indigenous coastal bush, which is so typical of this subtropical region. The beaches, lagoons and glorious walks along the sandy shore are enjoyed by visitors that prefer a quieter place. You will also find a modern apartment block here and there, which bear testimony to Ramsgate's increasing development potential and popularity.

Restaurants, art galleries, antique shops, ethnic crafts, homemade jams and preserves are all to be found in Ramsgate. The fishing is good - the birdlife fantastic - and the living is easy. Ramsgate is a wonderful part of the world to live in - or visit for a while.

During winter, starting in June, more often than not there is a spectacular display of large migrating pilchard and sardine shoals. They appear close to the shore between Port Edward and Umkomaas. They are usually accompanied by many predators, including dolphins, birds, large game-fish and a variety of sharks.

Sometimes millions of these small fish are beached by the incoming tides and that is when the "sardine fever" grips the local fisherman and visitors alike, as they scramble to catch a bucketful of sardines. Shad-fishing off the rocks and piers is extremely active during the sardine run and for those who love the taste of ``fresh from the sea", shad has no equal.

Nature puts on a wonderful display - with birds diving into the ocean from lofty heights - dolphins wave-jumping and surfing in the translucent waves - and you may enven spot a whale basking off-shore. Generally the safe-bathing nets are lifted to avoid the unnecessary capture of dolphins - but are reinstated the moment the shoals have passed.


Riverbend Crocodile Farm
Home to more than 200 Nile crocodiles, ranging in size from hatchlings to 50-year old monsters.

Ramsgate Lagoon
The top spot in the region for boardsailers, and the tidal pool is refreshed every morning at the morning tide. Ski boats are launched from Ski Boat Bay and charters are available at the various information centres.

Barn Owl Arts and Crafts centre
Offers traditional Zulu dancing on Sundays.
Ramsgate Ramsgate Ramsgate
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