The largest town of the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, Port Shepstone was founded in 1867 at the Mzimkulu River Mouth as a result of marble deposits found on the banks of the river.

A regular shipping service began here, and by the 1880's regular traffic in the exportation of marble, sugar block and lime moved through the port.

Many settlers of different origin boosted the town's economy and the town, named after former Natal Secretary for Native Affairs Theophilus Shepstone, disguises its agricultural and industrial wealth with its series of safe, sunny beaches.


Banana Express
A charming narrowgauge steam-train taking an unforgettable journey from Port Shepstone to Paddock via Oribi Gorge.

Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve
A spectacular vista of the South Coast hinterland can be gained at Oribi Gorge, the centrepiece of this scenic, highly popular reserve.
Bizarre rock formations, waterfalls, campsites, birdwatching and accomodation are just some of the reserve's other attractions.

Port Shepstone Country Club
Featuring one of the country's toprated golf courses.

Port Shepstone Museum
This charming museum details the town's history with a series of exhibits carrying a maritime theme.
Port Shepstone Port Shepstone Port Shepstone
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