The Voortrekkers under the leadership of Andries Potgieter founded the original town of Pietersburg on the farm Sterkloop in 1884 providing 150 erven covering 2 200 morgen. The city has enjoyed a long history of prosperity and has grown rapidly given its proximity to Gauteng and the rich agricultural district surrounding it.

The town of Polokwane earned city status on 23 April 1992 and is now the major centre and capital city of the province, indeed for the country's entire area north of Gauteng.

The city holds an enviable position. Its proximity as a major centre near the neighbouring countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland make it a strategically located, fully equipped destination, and it is within convenient distance from the Kruger National Park and Magoesbaskloof.

Polokwane boasts excellent accommodation, fine weather and a busy, friendly population, making it the ideal business or getaway destination in the geographic and economic heart of the Limpopo Province.


Bakone Malapa Northern Sotho Open-Air Museum
This museum depicts the traditional and modern-day culture and lifestyle of the Bakone people.

Bush Craft
Curious and handmade goods made by local craftspeople can be purchased at this pleasant trading store.

Cheune Crocodile Farm
Croc feeds and frequent talks provide a fascinating counterpoint to the sight of these impressive beasts.

Concentration Camp Cemetery
An idyllic cemetery housing the graves of the victims of nearby Anglo-Boer War concentration camp.

Eersteling Monuments
The site of the country's first gold crushing site and its first gold power plant are marked by monuments.

A wide assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, confectionery and other delights.

A charming gazebo built in 1924 in the Civic Square.

Hugh Exton Photographic Museum
Photographer Hugh Exton took 23 000 glass negatives capturing the first 5 years of the town on celluloid.

Polokwane is considered the premier hunting destination in South Africa.

Makapansgat Caves & Limestone Works
A look at ancient human habitation in the area.

Melted Guns
All guns confiscated at the end of the Magoeba War in 1893 were melted into a mass of metal. Upon the building of a golf course in 1975, this was found and is now considered a gun memorial.

Middestad Centre
With a host of shops, chain stores and fast foods outlets this is a shopper's shangri-la.

Modjadji Rainforest
A world famous forest housing the world's larges concentration of indigenous cycad species.

Moletzie Bird Sanctuary
A sanctuary housing many bird species and highly acclaimed for its excellent work in the protection of rare Cape Vulture.

Polokwane Bird & Reptile Park
Snake demonstrations are a popular feature of this attractive park.

Polokwane Game Reserve
More than 21 species inhabit this scenic reserve, wherein an enjoyable afternoon can be spent on one of the walks on offer.

Polokwane Museum
This national monument building houses exhibits detailing the history of the city and its environment.

Savannah Centre
A modern shopping centre with a tranquil ambiance and a great choice of restaurants and coffee shops.

Voortrekker Memorial & Wagon Tracks
Voortrekker history is in evidence in the form of wagon tracks and is commemorated by a symbolic memorial to the 1838 Great Trek.
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