Mtwalume is a small village situated on the South Coast of Natal approximately 87 kms south of Durban. It is mainly a holiday and pleasure fishing village. The general appearance of the village is that of a rural wooded environment, with many indigenous flora and fauna. The main feature is the Mtwalume River which forms a beautiful lagoon where it enters the sea.

The river is 85 km long, and near Highflats one can find the beautiful Mtwalume falls. The river was named Mtwalume by the Zulus because of the tall upright trees growing on the river bank, the bark of which they believed cured dysentry. The river has violent characteristics and is unpredictable.

Mtwalume has 3 caravan parks, 3 holiday resorts and a social and ski boat club. Mtwalume Ski Boat Club holds numerous records and is well known in Natal.

Activities offered are surf angling, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, spear fishing, windsurfing and board surfing and a variety of social fun and games, e.g. pool, carpet bowls, bird-watching, hiking, etc. A tidal pool for both adults and children. The tidal pool nestles among the rocks with a long natural beach north of the pool.

Mtwalume has a shopping centre to cater for holidaymakers and residents, consisting of a butch- ery, bottle store, post office, supermarkets, cafe-take-away and hardware store.

Mtwalume Mtwalume
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