This is the heart of the Hibiscus Coast and Country and the region's beauty is obvious from the moment you take the N2 south of Durban and into a sub-tropical paradise of golden beaches, coastal forests and endless, sunny days.

The resort town of Margate acts as the economic centre for a strip of coastline almost completely made up of accomodation, holiday homes and tourist-related establishments.

In 1908, Henry Richardson, an English surveyor, surveyed land on the Natal South Coast that he named Margate. Today it is the ideal base to explore the plethora of holiday opportunities offered by this sunny stretch of coastline.

The charming scenic towns make up in essence the Hibiscus Coast, a collection of resorts blessed with warm-watered beaches in sub-tropical surrounds.

Margate accommodation options are varied and should meet the needs of most visitors.


Arts & Crafts
The town boasts numerous art gallaries and craft shops.

Boating & Boardsailing
Paddle boats, canoes and sailboards are available for hire to explore the splendid Margate Lagoon.

Margate Bird Park
A walk-through aviary enthralls and educates. Kids can take advantage of the play park while mum and dad take a break in the tea garden.

Nature Reserve
The Kwazulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service administer the nearby Skyline and Uvongo River Reserves. Both offer the tranquility of scenery and solitude.

Riverbend Croc Farm
More than 200 Nile Crocodiles.

While St Michaels beach is perhaps the most frequented on the South Coast, Uvongo and Margate also offers excellent breaks.
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