Thomas Maclear, Astronomer Royal at the Cape from 1834 to 1870, became the emonym of the town founded as a military camp in the valley of the Mooi River in 1876. The 2 500km district is a local centre for cattle ranching and dairy production.

Ugie, south of Maclear is a quiet, friendly town situated on the banks of the Inxu River beneath the cliffs of the southern Drakensberg. It was founded by the Rev William Murray and named after the river of the same name in Scotland.

Sheep and cattle farming are primary industries of this sleepy town lying in spectacular surroundings.


Dinosaur Footprints
Many fascinating examples on various farms between the towns.

Fishing in Ugie
Some of the country's best conditions for fly- and coarse fishing.

A rock formation southwest of Maclear a large hole in the mountain.

Prentjiesberg & Woodcliff Cave Trails
1-4 day hiking trails of the southern Drakensberg.

San Rock Artwork
Along the walls of many caves in the district.

The southern slopes of the Drakensberg becomes haven for skiers during winter.

Ugie Methodist Church
A stately example of northern eastern Cape architecture.

Ugie Tractor Museum
A fine collection of old agricultural equipment.
Maclear & Ugie Maclear & Ugie Maclear & Ugie Maclear & Ugie Maclear & Ugie
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