The Town of Loeriesfontein  - Windmill Museum

Southwestern Loeriesfontein forms part of the wider Namaqualand - an area which is well known for its beautiful spring flowers, and also for its great variety of plus minus 4000 different plants. Most of these plants can be found in the vicinity of Loeriesfontein.

During August/ September, after good and timely rains, in the beautiful sceneries of springflowers can be seen in town itself on empty plots, the golfcourse and on the Kliprand and Calvinia roads.

The flower season sometimes lasts until October depending on when the rain came. October is the month for the "vygies" (Mesembrianthemum) with large areas covered in lilac, pink and red, which are unbelievably beautiful - like a woven carpet.

For more than 40 years the annual agricultural show (approximately October month) is a social highlight on the community calender. The effective and well-planned sheep complex makes shows on Provincial and National level possible. The Western Cape Saddle Horse Regional Show is also presented here.

In a museum with a difference the culture and historical way of life of the Trek Farmers of Bushmanland/Hantam/Namaqualand is exhibited. More than 1 000 articles, 'n trek wagon, equipped tent, kook skerm and a horse mill can be seen.

The Fred Turner Windpump (WindMill)  Museum situated in the grounds of the Fred Turner museum is one of Loeriesfonteins main attractions.

On the farm Rheboksfontein, 25km from town, is a farm museum as well as a "perdemeul" (freely translated horse-mill) which is still in working order.

About 80 species have been identified during winter months.

Quiver Tree Forest
One of the world's largest kokerbome (Aloe dichotoma) forests, they grow to 4m, store water in their trunks, resist drought idefinitely and live up to their bark for quivers gave them their colloquial name.

Nearby accommodation is in the town of Calvinia and Nieuwoudtville
Loeriesfontein Kokerboom Forest
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