Krugersdorp owes it's origin to two important events in the history of South Africa,namely The Transvaal War of independence (1881) and the discovery of the Witwatersrand Goldfields (1886).

These two occurences with their far-reaching political and economic consequences,were mainly instrumental in causing the establishment of two townships,originally apart,but subsequently united under the name of Krugersdorp.

The one township became the business center of the West Rand Goldfields,while the other sprang into existence by reason of the position and significance of the Paardekraal Monument.

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Krugersdorp Museum

The Krugersdorp Museum was established in July 1993 and is housed in the Old Magistrate's Court,one of the town's oldest buildings.

Sterkfontein Caves

The Sterkfontein Caves are one of the richest and most productive palaeo-anthropological sites in the world and form part of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.

Amongst the most remarkable findings to have been made by numerous world famous scientists within the Cradle of Humankind is the famous Mrs. Ples, the first complete Australopithecus skull to be discovered and more recently, Little Foot, a 4.17 million-year-old almost complete ape-man skeleton was also discovered in the same caves.

The first fossils at Sterkfontein came to light as early as 1936 and were the first adult Australopithecines or more specifically Australopithecus. Australopithecus africanus existed only in South Africa between 3.2 to 2.6 million years ago and was a very early hominid (i.e. a species that belongs in our family the Hominidae).

It was the adult ape-men fossils from Sterkfontein that helped prove to the world that Africa was the cradle of humankind. Sterkfontein has fossil deposits dating back to almost 3.5 million years ago all the way up to 1.5 million years ago, providing a wealth of information about the different hominid species that existed in this 2 million year interval.

An hours drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, facilities include a top restaurant, conferencing facilities, access into the caves, walkways and a boardwalk past the excavation site where world-acclaimed fossils have been discovered

The scientific exhibition centre show-cases a reconstruction of a mined versus a pristine cave, cave formations and geologies, early-life forms, mammals and homo-fossils, specific finds such as Mrs Ples, the Taung child and Little Foot as well as details of fossilisation, paleobotany and landscapes.

Prior to the detail design of the exhibition content of the Sterkfontein Caves exhibition, an expert committee of scientists from the University of Witwatersrand, copy writers and exhibition and attraction designers spent gruelling months reaching consensus on the most widely accepted theories and facts on human development.

This well researched storyline forms the basis of the Sterkfontein Caves experience.

World-acclaimed and award winning artist, John Gurche, has produced all the lifelike hominid ilustrations, from the Toumai through to modern humans

The Sterkfontein Caves are owned by the University of the Witwatersrand whose scientists have been responsible for the main excavations of the World Heritage Site. Sterkfontein has been excavated for more than 62 years in total, but it is amazingly still yielding up its secrets.

The discovery just recently of the almost complete skeleton of 'Little Foot' bears ample testament to the wealth of information which is still to be gained from the cave deposits at Sterkfontein.

The caves are open 7 days a week, tours are guided and run every half hour from 9am - 4pm. The tours are limited to 30 people. Closed on Christmas Day. Booking is essential. Tel : +27 (0) 14 577-9000

Maropeng is the visitor centre of the Cradle of Humankind and about 10km from Sterkfontein.

Aloe Ridge

Home to rhino, buffalo, hippopotamus, zebra and numerous buck species.

Kromdraai Gold mine

Establish in 1881, Kromdraai was the first to be establish in Witwatersrand.

Krugersdorp Game Reserve

The Krugersdorp Game Reserve is a small park, but offering a wide variety of bird and wildlife, with 30 mammal and over 200 bird species recorded. Giraffe, zebra, antelope, roan, sable, hippo and gemsbok can all be viewed.

Lions are kept in a special 100ha enclosure in the middle of the reserve. Visitors can watch the lions being fed on Sunday mornings between 10h00 and 11h00.

Krugersdorp Game Reserve (1 500ha) is the ideal option for a safari when time is limited as it is close to Johannesburg and the safaris are such visitors get to see plenty of game.

Visitors can also enjoy horseback safaris or go game viewing by mountain bike (The reserve is patrolled by Armed Guards to ensure your safety whilst out on the trail). The reserve is primarily grassland, with shrub thickets, small forests and fynbos found in the valley and close to the small dams.

Additional activities include enjoying a balloon safari, or learning how to drive a 4x4. Braai and picnic facilities are available.

Twitchers can spend hours on the lookout for the more than 200 species that have been recorded in the reserve but walking is strictly prohibited, so youll need to bird-watch by horseback or from your car. There is also a walk-through aviary within the reserves bounds.

Visiting hours: 08:00am - 18:00pm

Phone: +27 (0)71 556 3813

From Krugersdorp, travel towards Rustenburg on the R24

Paardekraal Monument

Marking the place where the original meeting for Transvaal independence in 1880 led to the formation of Krugersdorp.

Robert Broom Musuem

Enjoy guided tours of fossil-rich caves.

Tarlton International Drag Strip

High-octane excitement for motor- and drag-racing fans.

Wanderes' Sport Ground

Alongside the 37ha Coronation Park, hosting football, cricket, hockey, athletics, cycling, bowls, swimming and gymnastics.

Wonder Cave

The Wonder Cave is located in the internationally known valley of Kromdraai within the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, amidst famous palaeontological sites containing the oldest relics of mankind.

The Wondercave is surrounded by game farms with an abundance of both wild- and birdlife. The cave is close to the Sterkfontein Caves and the Maropeng Visitor Centre in the Kromdraai Valley, northwest of Johannesburg.

This natural wonder, only open to the public since 1991, boasts an enormous single chamber which one enters by elevator beside walls decorated with beautiful formations up to 15m high.

Rimstone pools, cave pearls, stalactites, stalagmites, popcorn formations, straw formations, mushroom formations, the Madonna, etc.

Tours are conducted by competent guides along well-lit pathways, where no crawling is necessary, reducing the likelihood of claustrophobia.

Visiting hours
Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 17h00 (last tour is at 16h00)
Saturday and Sunday from 08h00 to 18h00 (last tour is at 17h00)
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