Just outside the town of Khorixas, unofficial capital of the former Damaraland, is the Khorixas Rest Camp, a well-appointed accommodation facility. The rest camp has a Namib-i office and is a convenient springboard from which to explore the many tourist attractions of the Kunene region.

In close proximity is the Petrified Forest, where a cataclysmic event deposited giant tree trunks, which subsequently turned to stone, millions of years ago. Today the Namib's living fossil plant, Welwitschia mirabilis, grows among these prostrate fossilised trunks.

Twyfelfontein (meaning doubtful fountain), which lies to the west of Khorixas, resembles a large, open-air art gallery. This treasure house of rock engravings left by stone-age artists is regarded as one of the richest collections in Africa.

South of Twyfelfontein is the Burnt Mountain, a panorama of desolation with coloured rocks contrasting vividly against the grey-black surroundings. The Organ Pipes, a mass of basalt slabs in a ravine gouged out by a river, is another geological curiosity in the area.

South-west of Twyfelfontein is the Doros Crater, where fossil remains have been found among the rocks.The Khorixas Lodge and Restcamp lies at the foot of the Brandberg Mountains.