Khatu, 'the town under the trees', came into being because of Iscor's iron ore mining activity in the Kalahari Region and connected to it by road, rail and air through Kimberley, the modern, model town is strategically situated.

Some of the world's longest ore trains travel through harsh territory to offload their precious cargo at Saldanha Bay.

Nothing can prevent the visitors being overawed by the sheer size of one of the world's largest open-cast iron mines, dwarfing giant ore trucks bearing up to 170 tons of ore each load.


Game Reserve
Offering game and birdwatching.

Iscor Sportclub
Badminton, golf, gymnasium, squash, swimming, tennis.

Khai-Appel Recreation Resort
Camping and caravan facilities, fishing and horseriding.
Kathu - town under the trees Kathu - town under the trees Kathu - town under the trees
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