Jeffreys Bay

Offering endless beaches and endless summers, Jeffreys Bay is designed for the ordinary, unhurried, unworried, sun-soaked beach bashing person.

Holidaymakers first began to flock to this lovely shore after a trading store was set upper Jeffrey in 1894. It has since developed and blossomed into the delightful holiday and retirement centre it is today, and has expanded to include Aston Bay, Kabeljous-on-Sea township and Paradise Beach, and still within a short drive to Port Elizabeth.

Stretching from Cape Recife in the east, through to Cape St Francis further west, Jeffreys Bay lies like a jewel midway between the large Gamtoos and Kromme Rivers, and the two estuaries of the Kabeljous and Seekoei Rivers.

Jeffreys Bay is world renowned for its safe beaches and surfing waves, with many different surf breaks, each possessing its own magic. Surfing spots include Kitchen Window, Tubes, Super Tubes, Point and Albatross.

These beaches also have an abundance of shells, and are known for good angling. Fishing in Jeffreys produces Kob, Leerfish (Garrick), Grunter, white Steenbras, Blackmail, Musselcracker, Baardman, red Steenbras, Poenskop, Roman, Dageraad, elf, sharks and rays.

People with a real interest in nature will enjoy the recreation offered by the three nature reserves, under the management of the Cape Nature Conservation. Allthough small in size, they offer peace and tranquility and some hiking trails.

At the Seekoei Nature Reserve you will find the Penguin Rehabilitation Centre, some smaller mammals and about 120 bird species. Kabeljous Nature Reserve offers good waterfowl watching, and the Noorsekloof Nature Reserve boasts a 3 km trail up the kloof along a stream.

For hikers there are even more trails, however, and these include the Cape St Francis Nature Reserve, Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail, Fourcade Trail and the trails at Witelsbos and Baviaanskloof.

Jeffreys Bay is the home of thriving handcraft industries, catering for every preference. The Country Feeling clothing shops are synonymous with Jeffreys, and all their clothes depict a scene in Jeffreys Bay. Other venues include surf shops, hand-crafted leather shoes and hand-crafted shell art.

Jeffreys is also the hub of the `white gold', or calamari, industry of the Eastern Cape, and is thus in the fortunate position of being able to supply visitors with this delicacy in abundance.


Surf Fishing along beaches from Gamtoos River Mouth to the Kabeljous Mouth. Rock fishing from Kabeljous to Paradise Beach.

15km of some of South Africa's widest, most beautiful beaches.

The area is an ideal base from which to explore local marine ecosystems.

Kabeljous Estuary & Nature Reserve
A safe beach ideal for angling and preserving the environment of many indigenous waterfowl species.

Noorsekloof Nature Reserve
A 28ha reserve streching up the valley to Wavecrest, with a 3km trail offering excellent bird-watching.

Paradise Beach
A picturesque spot on the lagoon atthe confluence of the Seekoei and Swart Rivers, the breeding ground of one of the country's largest swan colonies.

Scuba Diving
Good surfing and diving conditions are not synonymous, and this area has never been a popular diving destination, but perlemoen abound and diving for them is a popular pastime in season.

The area is virtually unexplored by scuba divers, though, and holds the promise of many new reefs to be discovered.

Visibility is usually about 2-6m (6-20ft) but can be as much as 15m (50ft), and water temperature ranges from 14-18C (57-65F). The best time to dive this area is during the month of November and from February through to September.

Seekoei River Nature Reserve
A reserve on the Seekoei River estuary with excellent birdwatching and hiking facilities. Trails begin with a raft across the lagoon.

Shell Museum
Over 600 shells, covering species from all over the world.

Many who take to the breaks consider Jeffreys Bay the world's premier surfing spot.

Reserve, Bird Sanctuary & Van Staden's River Mouth
One of the finest displays of wild flower in South Africa, with picnic spots, walks, mountain bike trails and a circular route for cars. The river mouth features a magnificent stretch of beach. Inland, alongside the Van Staden's River, is a magnificent home of local floral and birdlife.
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