A series of spectacular waterfalls surround the area about 29km north west of Pietermaritzburg. At the centre of this system is the beautiful town of Howick, and its pride of place is the 94m Howick Falls.

The area was first settled by James Archbell, a Wesleyan Minister and Missionary, who settled an area around this waterfall later to be named Howick by Earl Grey, Secretary of State For the Colonies, after his Northumberland estate.


Crafts Southern Africa
The old Agricultural Hall house curios and local arts and crafts for sale.

Howick Museum
A well-documented look at the history of the Lions River district and Howick itself, including period costumes and antique British military insignia.

Laager Wall
A near-intact laager wall built in 1879 as protection against an imminent Zulu attack after the fearsome Battle of Islandlwana.

Midmar Resort
A fun-filled, superbly equipped family resort.

Military Cemetery
64 British and 84 Boer graves lie in the grounds used both as a military hospital.

Nature Trails
An excellent selection awaits the visitors. Including Umgeni River, Howick Falls, Howick Gorge, Beacon Hill, Stables and Howick Town Trails.

War Memorial
Commemorates of WWI and WWII.

Those beguiling natural displays that have made the area famous. In addition to the Howick Falls and Karkloof Falls north of the town.
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