The village is magnificently sited on the slopes of the Amatole Mountains, overlooking the rivers and fertile plains of the Tyume Valley in a region dominated by three ridges said to resemble the bristles on a hog's back.

Among the early settlers was Thomas Summerton, a market gardener from Oxford, and his attempts to re-create the English countryside can still be seen in apple orchards, avenues lined with hazelnut, berry fruits and the flowering plants that have spread throughout the area.

There are also large tracts of indigenous forest, where the rich variety of birdlife includes parrot and lourie.

Rivers tumble prettily to the plain, creating a number of small but spectacular waterfalls such as Madonna and Child, Swallowtail and Kettlespout - where the water flows through a natural spout in the rocks and, in windy conditions, arches up in a feathery plume some 9 m high.

There are hotels, caravan parks and campsites, at which facilities are provided for tennis, swimming and bowls. Horses may be hired.

The area is also noted for its angling - some of the rivers are stocked with trout.

Walks and trails range from 3 km to 20 km and some of the routes - which include places of historic and natural interest - are marked with painted hogs. The hiking trail covers a 2 day walk.

A map of the area can be obtained at any of the accommodation establishments.

Hogsback is 30 km from Alice, which in turn is 22 km from Fort Beaufort.
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