The irrigation scheme of the Loskop Dam, 32km south of the area, is the reason for the existence of the town of Groblersdal.

Laid out on the farm Klipbank and named for its owner WJ Grobler, it became the second largest irrigation settlement in the country with the completion of the 178 million m Loskop Dam and its extensive channeling network.

The main crops in this man-made floodplain are cotton, tobacco, citrus, table grapes, maize, wheat, vegetables, sunflower seed, peanuts, lucerne and peaces.


Game Farms
Open to hunters and bow-hunters at certain times of the year, while game viewing on foot takes place throughout the year.

Loskop Dam
Is a sought-after angling spot, particularly due to its excellent bream and carp draughts. Boat slipways are available. Angling licences are required and boat permits are available free of charge.

Loskop Dam Aventura Resort and Nature Reserve
Feature amongst the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa, offering, amongst others, relaxing tennis and swimming facilities.
Groblersdal Groblersdal Groblersdal
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