A hauntingly beautiful region - arguably the crucible of South African history - Frontier Country is a vibrant mix of all the best that Africa has to offer. One of the premier tourist routes in the Eastern Cape, it has a turbulent past, with more forts than the rest of the country combined.

Now no longer the scene of conflict and strife, it is about people breaking through frontiers. Frontier Country is the historic heartland of the Eastern Cape and embodies the spirit of the many and varied cultures who met here and made their mark - Khoi, Xhosa, Boer and British.

They brought with them a rich heritage that can still be seen today in towns and villages all over the Eastern Cape. The broad tree-lined streets and buildings of Grahamstown are the legacy of a time when this was the Cape's second city.


Settlers National Monument
In the early 1950s, under the leadership of Mr Tom Bowker M.P., public interest in the 1820 Settlers grew steadily. It was generally accepted that this group of English-speaking settlers had made a greater impact on this country than any subsequent group in its history.

Air School & Grahamstown Military Base
"The Royal Air Force established the 44 Air School in November 1941 in Grahamstown as part of the British Government Training Scheme. This Air School functioned as a navigation-training centre. The first OC was Major Summonds with WO Manley as the first RSM.

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. George
The Anglican Cathedral Church where the Bishop of Grahamstown keeps his throne or cathedra is built in Early English Gothic, the 13th Century architectural style revived during Queen Victoria's reign. The building was started in 1824 and finally completed 128 years later in 1952.

City Hall, settlers Memorial Tower
The 50th Anniversary of the British Settlers' arrival in 1820, was celebrated with the laying of the foundation stone of "The Settlers' Memorial Tower".

Rhodes University
Education is Grahamstown's biggest industry and Rhodes University with approximately 3 200 students and a staff of 1 800 is the biggest industry in the city today.

The Drostdy Gate
The purpose of his gateway was to provide an entrance to the military establishment which was to be on the site of the unoccupied and unused Drostdy House grounds. At a later date sentry boxes and walls on both sides of the gateway were added.

Oldest Official Letterbox in South Africa
South Africa's oldest official letter box stands in Grahamstown on St. Andrew's College corner, at the north-west end of Worcester Street where it intersects with Somerset Street.

The Provost Prison
The Provost was proclaimed a National Monument in 197. It has been restored by the Cape Provincial Administration and is under the care of the Albany Museum.

The Winged Figure of Peace
On the traffic island in High Street, the winged figure of Peace graces a monument to "the Men of Albany" who lost their lives in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902.

Albany Museum Complex
Established 1855. The Albany Museum Complex comprises five museums and is the second oldest museum in the country.

Cory Library for Historical Research
The Cory Library at Rhodes University collects material of all kinds to support research into the history of Southern African and related fields in the social sciences.

History Museum
The History Museum formerly focused on the contribution of the 1820 British Settlers and their descendants to the history of Southern Africa, but it now encompasses all the peoples who live - or have lived - in the Eastern Cape. Its collections cover agricultural equipment, domestic furniture, costume and textiles, ceramics, glass, silver, toys and dolls, militaria, medals, coins, documents and genealogical information relating to the British Settlers.

Internasional Library of African Music
Situated on the Rhodes University campus, is a research, publishing and teaching centre for African traditional music. Although not strictly a museum, it has a collection of more than two hundred traditional African musical instruments, many in playing order.

Observatory Museum
This building was originally a 19th Century jeweller's shop and family home. Its connection with the identification of the Eureka, South Africa's first authenticated diamond, in 1867, prompted De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited to purchase the building and restore it in 1981-1982, to commemorate the beginnings of the country's diamond industry.

Natural Science Museum
The Natural Science Museum is the oldest component of the Albany Museum Complex with a theme covering natural science and the natural history of the Eastern Cape.
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