The sound of the breeze rushing through the Dlinza Forest in the heart of the town is the romantic explanation for the town's name. The more scientific is that it is a corruption of the isiZulu word ishongwe, meaning 'milkbush shrubs', also prominent in the area.

The town, lying on a plateau and thus protected from the subtropical humidity of surrouding areas, was proclaimed a magistracy in 1887 upon Zululand's annexation by Britain and became the capital of Zululand.

It has since lost this status but has grown to support a 1 800km agricultural district.


KwaBhekiTunga - Stewarts Farm
The Umuzi (traditional Zulu Village) of Mbhangcuza (Thomas) Fakude and his family and friends, who will enlighten you on their age-old traditions and customs.

Coward's Bush
A memorial near KwaBulawayo marks the spot where Shaka had defeated soldiers executed and those suspected of cowardice tested.

Dlinza Forest
A 200ha forest next to the town, offering pleasant walks and trails, with the only aerial boardwalk in the Southern Hemisphere.

Entumi Nature Reserve
A magnificent indigenous forest, home to many bird and animal species.

Fort Nonqayi
A three-turreted fort established 1883. Home to the Zululand Historical Museum, wherein the area's fascinating cross-cultural history is told.

Goedetrouw Public Resort
Fishing and picnic conditions are ideal at this tranquil resort 13km north of the town.

The isiZulu name for 'place of the presecuted one'. This kraal, big enough for 12 000 warriors, can be seen on the crest of a hill. A monument marks the site.

Ocean View Game Park
A scenic park containing two memorials to warrior-king Shaka.

Vukani Museum
A small museum in the town centre housing wonderful examples of Zulu handiwork, including pottery, basketry, beadwork and tapestries.

Anglo-Zulu War Sites

January 1879. British coastal column moving up north coast towards Eshowe attacked by about 4000 Zulus as they crossed Nyezane River. Graves situated about 500m from road sign. On the R68.
Tel: 035 473 3474

Siege of Eshowe
22 Jan to 3 April 1879. Zulu forces under Prince Dabulamanzi besieged part of Col. Pearson's column. British entrenched themselves around abandoned Norwegian Lutheran Mission (KwaMondi) and built earth fortification - Fort Eshowe. Site museum. Enquiries from Zululand Historicial Museum Fort Nongqayi. Open daily.
Tel: 035 4742281/035 4742281.

British Military Cemetery at Fort Eshowe Kwa Mondi
Situated on southwest-facing slope about 500m beyond Fort Eshowe. Enquiries Zululand Historical Museum Fort Nongqayi.
Tel: 035 473 3474.

2 April 1879. Zulu attack on Chelmsford's relief column on its way to relieve Eshowe. They were repulsed and Eshowe was relieved following day.
Tel: 035 473 3474
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