Dullstroom is only 2 hours from Gauteng en route to the Kruger National Park and the Gateway to Mpumalanga.

You will find the village of Dullstroom to be a charming little hamlet situated in the heart of the Highlands Meander, a beautiful part of Mpumalanga, noted for it's clear streams, lakes and breathtaking scenery.

Dullstroom dates back to the early 1880's when Dutch Settlers made their way to the place of "eternal mist". The town is situated at 2100 m above sea level, making this one of the highest towns in the country.

The Crocodile River, which runs through the Kruger National Park, has its origin in Dullstroom. Other major tributaries, like the Lunsklip, Klip River, Steelpoort and Elands River, do not only feed important rivers and marshlands, but have also become synonymous with some of the best trout fishing in the country.

Dullstroom is considered to be the mecca of flyfishing in Mpumalanga, where it nestles in the centre of an extensive region suitable for trout fishing. Two species of trout i.e. Rainbow and Brown Trout occur in the numerous dams, rivers and streams. Anglers have a wide range of specialist tackle shops to choose from for that special fly, rod or reel.

The area is known as habitat for the three endangered cranes, a vast variety of wild flowers and rare species of mammals - a true paradise for the nature lover.

But Dullstroom and surrounds is primarily a haven for family fun, fly-fishing and country fresh air.

The wide selection of elegant hotels and a variety of country accommodation, eateries, shops and activities, have made this an appealing tourist destination and an ideal stop-over on the way to the Lowveld and Kruger Park.

Dullstroom Dullstroom Dullstroom
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