Danielskuil is a small central town, situated below the Kuruman Hills, about 160 km northwest of Kimberley and 90km south of Kuruman.

Because of the fertile agricultural soil and abundant supply of underground water and springs, this area was inhabited by prehistoric man. Evidence of this is to be found in the Wonderwerk Cave, which is situated some 40 km north of town. During the 19th century, Danielskuil became a resting place for travellers on their way north.

The Griqua herdsmen used it as a campsite on their trips to find grazing for their animals. Danielskuil was proclaimed in 1892, once the area had opened up since the discovery of diamonds. The area is also rich in minerals, and the second deepest sinkhole in the world on the safari farm, Mount Carmel.

Activities and Attractions
Wonderwerk Cave
The site runs horizontally for 193 m into the base of a low conical foothill on the eastern flank of the Kuruman Hills. It is a very ancient solution cavity, exposed at its northern end by hillside erosion, in in stratified dolomitic limestone belonging to the 2,3 billion year old Ghaap Plateau Dolomite Formation.

Excavation teams from the McGregor Museum in Kimberley have revealed numerous fascinating artefacts. like stone impliments and engravings, decorated ostrich eggshells, Bushman hair, pollen dating back about 400 000 years, various animal bones and the 8 000 year-old teeth of a now extinct species of horse. Visitors can marvel at the Bushman paintings in mixed media - plant roots and blood.

A unique natural sinkhole, renowned as the second deepest and largest of its kind in the world on the farm Mount Carmel.

British Fort Built during the Anglo-Boer War, the fort is on a hillock overlooking the village.

Danielskuil Danielskuil
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