Founded in 1813 on the banks of the Great Fish River to cater for the migratory farmers who settled in this ruggedly beautiful area with its excellent grazing, abundant water and healthy climate, Cradock today is a thriving agricultural community which specializes in the production of wool and mohair and in cattle farming.

It is a proud custodian of a tangible and precious link with the past : a treasure trove of historic buildings, untouched by the passing of time and splendid looking in their original simplicity.


Olive Schreiner House
This was also the home of the famous South African authoress, and a fine example of Karoo architecture.

Olive Schreiner Grave
A 3-4 hour hike to the summit of Buffelskop mountain, where the author is buried, together with her husband, their baby and dog.

Cradock Spa
ust outside town next to the Great Fish River, where a complete surprise awaits the visitor - an ultra-modern Spa where you can experience the therapeutic properties of natural sulphur spring water, with both an open air swimming pool and indoor heated pool.

Mountain Zebra National Park
A sanctuary for the rare Cape Mountain Zebra. The park also features the historical Doornhoek House Museum.

Great Fish River Museum
A museum in the converted second Dutch Reformed parish. Its theme is the settler lifestyle from the time of the second British occupation of the Cape in 1806.

Great Fish River Canoe Marathon
One of the sporting highlights of not just Cradock, but South Africa.

Congregational Church
The Rev Robert Taylor for whom the church was built, is buried under the pulpit after renovations tothe church meant the new pulpit was built directly over his tomb.

Dutch Reformed Church
A national monument, designed in a style similar to London's St Martin's-in-the-Field church.

Egg Rock
A 10m high curious rock formation 8km out of town.

Ilex Oak Trees
The city is adorned with these distinctive trees, which, on Dundas Street, have been declared national Monument.

Old Water Mill
A old yellowwood watermill, restored to its original glory.

Van Riebeeck Karoo Garden
A superb collection and example of indigenous Karoo shrubs and succulents.
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