Chrissiesmeer (Lake Chrissie) is a place of lakes and legends. The ancient San were undoubtedly the first inhabitants of the region, including the Tlou-tle, who adapted to conditions by living on rafts in the larger lakes. European settlers founded a town here in the 1860s, and named it after President Andries Pretorius's daughter Christina, a friend of an early pioneer family.

In the 1880s, the town became an important stopover to and from Barberton, as other, later formed towns sped past Chrissiesmeer in economic development. This meant the town retained its unspoilt charm, and is now one of the most important eco-tourist destinations in the country.


Anglo-Boer War
Both Boer and British troops have their last resting place here.

Bank Gallery
A fascinating variety of the best of local art.

Bird Watching
82 Waterbird and 170 other bird species, some endemic to the grasslands, have been recorded making this a prime attraction to birders from around the world. The lakes are host to 20 000 flamingo each year.

The outdoor slendour of Chrissiemeer is experienced in the form of birding, picnicking, sailing and rowing.

Farm Holiday
Experience the rustic lifestyle on customised tourist farms.

Both fly- and coarse fishing by arragement, with excellent facilities for trout fishing at Mpumalanga Holiday Rondavels.

Oak Trees
Two historical trees planted in 1886 outside Simmer and Jack's trading store.

San Rock Artwork
While no evidence of the Tlou-tle remains, much San artwork survives in the area.

The Toy Maker
The military history of the town forms the backdrop to the production of wonderful doll's houses for girls and castles for boys.

Horseriding, Hiking and Mountain Biking
All offered on country tracks and trails over some of the most beautiful high altitude scenery in the province.
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