Named after the Roman Goddess of Fruitfulness, Ceres village was founded in 1849 when, after the completion of Michell's Pass, the first plots of land were sold.

The village lies 150 km to the North-East of Cape Town and after the discovery of diamonds in the interior in 1869, the road through Ceres became the main route to the North.

Prince Alfred's Hamlet is a small town outside Ceres. Founded in 1865, it established a municipality during 1876. It is situated 9 km north of Ceres and 160 km from Cape Town.

Mainly deciduous fruit is farmed. The town has shown rapid growth in industry and business development in the past years.

Ceres and the Prince Alfred's Hamlet area of the Koue Bokkeveld offer many pleasant places to walk.


4x4 Ceres route
Skaaprivier Farm Kiosk
Ceres Fruit Juices
Ceres Fruit Growers
Du Toit Fruit Farms
Transport Riders Museum
Bird Sanctuary and Small Zoo
Trout Fishing
Bo Plaas
Morester Houdenbek
The Lords Acre Farm
Romansrivier Wine Depot
Hiking Trails
The Toll Horse Trail
The Von Stadensrus Trail
Ceres Ceres Ceres Ceres
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