This rustic farming centre is home to a variety of historic memorials and places of interest, as well as many respected artists.

Following a violent period prior to its formation, including the slaughter of Griqua and San, it was perhaps well-advised that this picturesque cattle-farming town be given a name meaning 'chosen by God'

Formed around a mission station in 1829 and known by many names until the one settled on by directors of the Missionary Society.

Concentration Camp
A sad commemoration of what was the largest of the camps used by the British in the Anglo-Boer War.

DH Steyn Bridge
A beautiful sandstone bridge near the town. It is the longest road and rail bridge at 1,2km in the country.

Dutch Reformed Church
A stately edifice, completed in 1887 and now a national monument.

Grave of JJ Venter
Former acting President of the Free State Province.

Horse Memorial
A tribute to horses and their courage on the battlefield.

Klaversfontein Rabbit Farm
15km Outside Bethulie, angora fur production can be viewed.

Louw Wepener Memorial
Wepener, who led Free State commandos in the second of the Basotho Wars, is honoured in this memorial 10km north of the town.

Ox-wagon Monument
A tribute to the Voortrekker' mode of transport.

Pellisier House Museum
The oldest settler-built building in the Free State. The original mission building, now houses historical items of Rev Jean Pellisier, its builder.


Situated on the R701 route along the northern banks of the Griep Dam about 200km south of Bloemfontein.
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