The fertile valley of the Maluti Mountains inspired settling wheat farmers to name the new town Bethlehem (from 'Beit Lechem' Hebrews for 'house of bread'). Appropriatly named, it has grown from strengh to strengh and is now the commercial centre of the Eastern Free State and still Growing.

The Gerrand, Athlone and Saulspoort Dams provide water to the region, which produces 65% of South Africa's wheat crop.


Baartman House
An impressive collection of antiqueted farming implements, kitchen utensils, wood carvings and old leather.

Bethlehem Museum
The history of the town is well documented by wagons, furniture, horse carriage, farming implements and an old steam locomotive.

Nazareth Mission Church
A noble church storing local costumes, needlework, furniture and porcelain.

Pretorius Bird Sanctuary
Many local species can be seen here.

Sandstone Buildings
Many buildings in town are superb examples of sandstone architecture.

Wolhuterskop Nature Reserve
A well-supported, pleasant reserve of wide-open spaces and abundant animal life.
Bethlehem Bethlehem
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