Arniston (Waenhuiskrans) Village

Arniston is a small fishing village that hugs a hillside on the southern tip of Africa. Humble, thatched cottages dot the shoreline, and rare shells lie in the surf.

Arniston inherited its name from the transport ship H.M.S. Arniston which ran aground here in 1815. Only six of the 378 people on board survived. Many of the homes here boasts a beam or two from the Arniston.

The village's official name is Waenhuiskrans, named after a cave in the area which was big enough to house several ox-wagons in, and which could be explored at low tide.

Waenhuiskrans has good fishing from the shore as well as from boats, and people of the Overberg area are quite at home here.

For over 200 years, local fisherman have been setting out to cast their lines at first light. And so have people been watching whales, when they come to frolick in the shallow waters.

To many outsiders, who remain forever entranced by the village's unspoilt serenity, it is a perfect place to relax and reflect.

Arniston (Waenhuiskrans) Arniston (Waenhuiskrans)
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