Start your tour in Estcourt. Visit Saailaager, one of the sites where early Voortrekker settlers in Natal were killed by Zulu forces. It was also here that the first irrigation furrow was dug.

Drive out of Estcourt to Blaaukrantz - another of the sites where Voortrekker settlers were killed.

Just before the Wasbank river to your left is a hill bulges out from those around it with a band of rock around the top. It is beneath this hill the Voortrekkers took the Vow. From then on the road you are driving is very much that followed by the Voortrekkers on their way to fight what became the Battle of Blood River.

On the road into Dundee you will pass the farm Biggarsgat. This was named in memory of Alexander Harvey Biggar, an 1820 settler, who acted as guide to the Voortrekkers.

Continue on up Wenkommando (Win Commando) up the heights of Idumeni mountain (meaning where the thunder rolls) and into Dundee. The early black people of the area named this range of hills the Honey Mountains and the Voortrekkers knew them as the Mud Mountains.

Continue through Dundee towards Vryheid and follow the signs to Blood River. At Dingaanstrat is the place where Piet Retief, the Voortrekker leader, and his followers were killed, and the site of King Dingane's Royal Kraal, Umgungundhlovu.

Voortrekker Footsteps