Travel to the country to explore, idle, browse and indulge. The Midlands Meander offers over a hundred things to see and things to do.

Art studios, country hotels, herb and flower farms, guest houses and tea gardens, country pubs, health hydro's, craft, pottery and weaving workshops, breweries and wine barns.

The Midlands Meander is situated between Hilton, a quaint Village just north of Pietermaritzburg, and Hidcote, a farming hamlet outside Mooi River. It extends from Rietvlei and Currys Post in the east, to the lush Dargle Valley and Fort Nottingham in the west.

An advantage to visitors in the area is the good road infrastructure, which takes travellers through scenic beauty while linking meander outlets and picturesque villages.

The enchanting KwaZulu-Natal Midlands has always been home to artists and craftspeople. Local artists, potters and weavers joined forces to create an arts and crafts route. By selling directly to visitors, the studios are able to keep prices down, and with the active support of hospitality establishments in the area, a unique route was formed.

The Midlands Meander logo is a rare and particularly beautiful butterfly. The Butler (Orachrysops Ariadne) is endemic to KwaZulu-Natal and is found only in the Karkloof area.

Whether you're a local discovering the doorstep experiences of the region for the first time, an overseas traveller exploring this enchanting countryside, or a holiday maker en route to the coast, the Midlands Meander has something for everyone - all year round.

There are many historical buildings in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, several of which date back to the 1880's. A number have been declared National Monuments, including some very well preserved Settler Churches.

The Natal Railway Museum, situated in Hilton, is open from Tuesday to Thursday, and most weekends.

Flying enthusiasts should visit the Goodman Household monument near Currys Post, erected to commemorate the flight in a home built glider by Goodman Household in 1871 - man's earliest attempt to fly in Southern Africa.

Between the Fern Hill Hotel and Lions River is a commemoration wall, marking the place where President Nelson Mandela was arrested prior to his 27 year imprisonment.

The Midlands Meander The Midlands Meander The Midlands Meander