This cellar located at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains, is one of the smallest co-operative cellars in South Africa.

Despite its size, Nuy enjoys a widespread reputation for its excellent wines which, year after year, win top prizes at local and national wine shows.

Nuy's Cellar follows a classic wine making style, with each wine honestly reeflecting its origins, its growing conditions and its unique varietal character.

The cellar offers sparkling wine, dry, off-dry and semi-sweet white wines, dry red wine, white and red fortified wines and grape juice.

The origin of the name "Nuy" remains the subject of speculation, with arguments ranging from a derivation of the River Snuy, to derivation of a Bushman, Hottentot or Korana word. But whatever the origin of the name the proud tradition of wine making started centuries ago in the area, lives on.

Nuy Wine Cellar Nuy Wine Cellar