The Harbeespoort Dam in the North West Province and the adjacent Hartbeespoort village are very popular holiday and weekend spots for the inhabitants of Johannesburg and Pretoria and the main water recreation area of northern Gauteng

The Harbeespoort Dam was built on the farm Hartebeestpoort, once owned by the Boer General Hendrik Schoeman. The dam was completed in 1923 and first overflowed the dam wall in 1925.

The dam was built across a gorge cutting through the Magaliesberg. The dam is fed by the waters of the Crocodile and Magalies Rivers and covers approximately 20 square kilometres. A tarmac road skirts the water's edge on the north side; along its route it passes through a 57 m long tunnel and also crosses the dam wall.

Hartbeespoort Dam supplies irrigation water through a 550km long network of canals to farmland on which tobacco, wheat, lucerne, fruit and flowers are produced.

The Transvaal Yacht Club has been operating at the dam since its construction it has become the principal water recreation area of Gauteng.

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Hartbeespoort Dam
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