The Calvinia region in the Hantam Karoo is famous for a spectacular display of flowers in early spring after good winter rain. The region has a climate of relative extremes with hot summers (avg. maximum of 28C) and cold winters (avg. minimum temperature of 5C).

The region is known as the Hamtam Karoo. The name has its roots in the Khoi people who lived here. The mountain outside town was referred to as !Han=ami by these early hunter gatherers - believed to refer to "the hill where the red nut sedge grow - which eventually became the Hantamsberg.

In spring Calvinias succulent Karoo veld is a great natural wonder and is a worthwhile visit combined with a tour to view the flower of the nearby Niewoudtville with its wealth of bulb flowers. Several farms are open for visitors and the Akkersdam Nature Reserve is also worth a visit.

Akkerendam Nature Reserve More Info

The reserve is just outside the village and lies at the foot of the Hantamsberg. It is popular for hiking among residents and tourists and a variety of plant species can be seen. The reserve is also offers good views of the surrounding area.

Hantam National Botanical Garden More info (Sanbi)

Situated just outside Nieuwoudtville, the Garden is one of the world's very special biodiversity treasures and the first National Botanical Garden in the Northern Cape. To get the most out of your time at the Garden, you must take your time and don't rush along.

Enjoy the magic of the amazing diversity of plants and animals alike, which provide spectacular displays during winter, spring and autumn.

The Calvinia-Hantam Flower Route The Calvinia-Hantam Flower Route